Seiko Mini-Monster / Seiko Neo-Monster / Seiko Monster Lite – Watch Review

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The Seiko “Mini Monster” (otherwise known as the Neo Monster, Monster Lite or SNZF4K7K) is a beautiful homage to the timeless Seiko Orange and Black Monster dive watches. Unlike the original monsters, this timepiece is a fashion watch with a dive style. None-the-less, the unique colors, design accents and overall quality make this watch a must have for affordable watch collectors.

Some details:

Crystal: Flat Hardex
Movement: Automatic 23-jewels 7S36B
Size: 42.5mm x 12mm
Crown: Unmarked, non-screw down
Depth: 100M
Back: Screw down crystal display
Bezel: Wide 120 click rotating, slight bevel.
Bracelet: Split pin oyster style. Solid links / endlinks. No dive extension.
Lume: Lumibrite, comparable to the monster.
Timekeeping: Rated at +/- 40 (I experienced closer to 5 – 10 seconds per day)


  1. Pete says:

    Hi, nice review. Can I ask where I could get one of the Turquoise dial vesions. They just just dont seem to be available anywhere



    • admin says:

      Hey Pete, thanks for the comment.

      I found the watch on e-bay. As far as I can tell there are a few limited edition alternative colors available, but they don’t come up for sale all too often. I would just keep your eye out on the used market and see if one pops up!


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